The Major Innovation Fund

The Major Innovation Fund ( MIF) provides support for research in Alberta in the following areas:

  • antimicrobial resistance
  • autonomous systems
  • building and construction innovations
  • food from smart agriculture
  • Indigenous, rural and remote water management
  • quantum computing

Funds are rewarded to eligible institutions whose research will help to secure and strengthen Alberta’s competitive position in technology development. More information on MIF can be found¬†here.¬†

Quantum Technologies Major Innovation Project

The Quantum Technologies Major Innovation Project is a collaboration between The University of Calgary, The University of Lethbridge, The University of Alberta, The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Quantum technology innovations, such as the laser and transistor, transformed twentieth-century society and present and opportunity to transform the twenty-first century by delivering exquisitely sensitive sensing, secure communication, and quantum computing. Fifteen years of prescient investment and capacity-building in Alberta position the province to be a quantum technology innovation leader. Through this five year project, with three years of funding from the Alberta Government, the Quantum Technologies Major Innovation Project will make Alberta a center for Quantum Innovation.

Governance Structure

External Advisory Board

  • Benjamin Sussman (National Research Council Canada)
  • Phil Kaye (National Research Council Canada)
  • Hubert Eng (JEI)
  • Elham Kashefi (University of Edinburgh)