The Quantum Alberta Major Innovation Project involves regular outreach activities to reach quantum related companies, government organizations, and the Alberta public. Some key instances of these outreach activities are listed below.

Webinar Speaker, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: Taking control over the quantum world: Developing new technologies using ultracold atoms. (Dec 2020); Resulting in communication with Telus regarding QKD (D. Oblak & C. Simon).
Invited Expert, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s “The Naked Scientists” episode “The Fifth State of Matter,” broadcast live (07 June 2020) and for the weekly podcast (released 09 June 2020). Available at https://www.thenakedscientists.com/podcasts/naked-scientists-podcast/fifthstate-matter. (June 2020).
(Virtual) Seminar, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: for Grade 11 & 12 physics students at St. John’s Ravenscourt High School (Winnipeg, MB) “Quantum technologies with atoms”
Presenter, Dr. Daniel Oblak: Paul M. Dabbar, US Under Secretary of Energy for Science, Presentation of activities in IN-Q-NET collaboration. (Mar 2020)
Discussion Leader, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: ”LGBTQ+ in Physics” Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP), Washington State University (Pullman, WA: Jan 2020)
Dinner Speech, Dr. Barry Sanders: Our Quantum Century, CDL Rockies, Q Haute Cuisine (Calgary, AB, Jan 2020)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Atom Defined Silicon Circuit Elements Enable Very Low Power and Fast Computing, Google (San Francisco, CA, Dec 2019)
Public Lecture, Dr. Barry Sanders: The global race for quantum supremacy, International Science Festival, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Heidelberg (Nov 2019)
Presenter, Dr. Daniel Oblak: Michael Kratsios, Chief Technology Officer of the US, Presentation of activities in IN-Q-NET collaboration (Oct 2019)
Speaker, Dr. Barry Sanders: “Our Quantum Century”, Emerging Innovation Summit, RMIT Capitol Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria (26-28 Aug 2019)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Atom Scale Manufacturing, Nanotronics (Brooklyn, NY, Aug 2019)
Talk, Dr. Barry Sanders: Science through the lens of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as), 17th Annual Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) Conference, Sheraton Tyson’s, (Virginia, USA, 5–7 Jul 2019)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Atom Scale Manufacturing: The Path to Ultimate Green Technologies, TEDxYYC (Calgary, AB, Jun 2019)
Talk, Dr. Barry Sanders: Quantum computing and health, The Alberta Epigenetics Network Annual Summit (Canmore, AB, 3–5 May 2019)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Perfect Patterning of Atomic Silicon Computational Elements, IBM Zurich (Zurich, CH, Mar 2019)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Perfect Patterning of Atomic Silicon Computational Elements, University of Basel (Zurich, CH, Mar 2019)
Talk, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Atom Scale Electronics, UBC Electrics Engineering Department (Vancouver, BC, Feb 2019)
Speaker, Dr. Christoph Simon: Quantum science in space, TELUS Spark Adults Only Night (Calgary, AB, Jan 2019)
General Interest Talk, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: “When Worlds Collide: a Festival for Readers and Writers” (Calgary, AB, 2018)


Panelist, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: ”Parenting in Physics” Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP), Washington State University (Pullman, WA: Jan 2020)
Panelist, Dr. Barry Sanders: “Demystifying Quantum Computing”, Thought Leadership Breakfast Series, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster (KPMG Vancouver, Jan 2020)
Panelist, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP) “LGBTQ+ Roundtable” (Ottawa, ON: Jan 2019)
Panelist, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: “Faire carrière dans le monde académique; perspective d’une physicienne queer” Diversity in Physics Committee, Université de Montréal (Montréal, QC: Mar 2019)
Panelist, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: Université de Sherbrooke “Réalités LGBTQ+ en Sciences” (Sherbrooke, QC: Mar 2019)


Piece in Educational Magazine: C. Lapierre and C. Simon, Be courageous to teach young children science – they are naturals!, to appear in Montessori Life (Fall 2020), published by the American Montessori Society
Piece in Educational Magazine: C. Simon and C. Lapierre, Teaching science and math to young children: a dialogue between a parent and a Montessori teacher, Tomorrow’s Child (Fall 2019), published by the Montessori Foundation
Pedagogical Paper Submitted to the arXiv: I. Dhand, A. D’Souza, V. Narasimhachar, N. Sinclair, S. Wein*, P. Zarkeshian*, A. Poostindouz, and C. Simon, Understanding quantum physics through simple experiments: from wave-particle duality to Bell’s theorem, arXiv:1806.09958, formed basis for textbook contract with Cambridge University Press
Contributor, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Special energy feature in New Trail Magazine (2019)


Invited Expert, Dr. John P. Davis: Shift by Alberta Innovates (Podcast). Episode 21: Shift talks with Chris Holt from Phase Sensors and Professor John Davis from the University of Alberta about their collaboration. https://www.buzzsprout.com/episodes/6733999 (Dec 2020)

Faculty advisor/organizer/instigator, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: Department of Physics “UA-JEDI (University of Alberta Physicists for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)” community gatherings (https://sites.google.com/ualberta.ca/divphys)

USchool Volunteer, Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc: Leading hands-on presentations (with group members) for school groups visiting the UofA (one or two times per semester)
Outreach Volunteer, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Regular participation in youth outreach by offering physics talks to high school students multiple times a year
Volunteer Interviewee, Dr. Robert Wolkow: Hosted lab tours and set up student presentations for USchool – a program run by U of A that aims to introduce and connect students from socially vulnerable, Aboriginal and rural communities to the University.
Optical Society of America Traveling Lecture, Dr. Barry Sanders: Visited student chapter at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, in Feb 2020 and gave scientific talks but also met with students about careers in science
Chief Scientist, Dr. Barry Sanders: CDL Quantum Street at University of Toronto and Lab Scientist for CDL Rockies at the University of Calgary.
Visit to Sudan, Dr. Barry Sanders: Focused on knowledge transfer including ” 19 Jan 2020, On moving forward: Sudan science and technology, Canada–Sudan: Knowledge Transfer and Sustainable Development Workshop, Coral Hotel, Khartoum” co-sponsored by the Embassy of Canada
Workshop Attendee, Dr. Barry Sanders: Hybrid quantum-classical reinforcement learning in controlled quantum networks, CIRI at CISA (Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute Center of Excellence at Cyberstructure and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security), SRI International, Arlingto
Lab Tour, Dr. Daniel Oblak: Thomas.B Riley School (two students), 2020/03/04 (lab-tour), Grade 6 science project
Outreach, Dr. Saurya Das: 2020 Lethbridge Regional Virtual Science Fair


Quanta Industry Series, Monthly virtual industry speaker (Oct 2020 – Present)
Quanta Tutorial Series, Weekly virtual tutorial sessions (May – Aug 2020)
Symposium, 2019 Quanta Create Student Symposium, University of Alberta (31 Jul – 1 Aug 2019)