Quantum Computation

Through the Quantum Technologies Major Innovation Project, the Quantum Computing workpackage provides an opportunity for pan-Alberta collaborations to harness the power of quantum computing as they develop new ways to go about problem solving.  While it is well known that quantum resources provide the means by which to solve problems more efficiently than current methods, our teams are adapting algorithms developed for quantum computers and applying them to real problems across a broad spectrum of applications, including health-related applications such as developing tools for mapping metabolite networks and identify pathogens and exploring intrinsically disordered proteins that lead to disease.

In addition, our members are working towards developing new tools for quantum computing, including an ultracold-atoms experiment that uses topological rotations to carry and manipulate quantum information that is supported by a team of theoretical collaborators developing the protocols to be used with this approach, as well as teams developing spin-based qubits in diamond and silicon.

Work Project Leader:
Lindsay LeBlanc

Lindsay LeBlanc





Key Researchers: