Quantum Computation

Challenge: Exploit the unique capacity for quantum systems to solve computational problems important to Alberta stakeholders across a variety of disciplines, ranging, for example, from many-body physics, to genomics and proteomics, to protein folding, to blockchain mining protocols.
Approach: Bring together Alberta’s experts in theoretical quantum algorithm development and experimental quantum hardware development for analog quantum simulation, with particular expertise in ultracold quantum gas and atomic silicon systems, and in novel solid-state qubits, to perform requirements analysis and to optimize approaches for solving and verifying computational problems across disciplines. Quantum algorithm
development and testing by Sanders, Noskov, Hoyer and Brown will be in service of user-consumers Zovoilis, Gaur, Benkoczi, Hossein, Das, Salahub, Tuszynski, and Woodside. Quantum simulations will be experimentally pursued by LeBlanc and Wolkow, with theoretical work by Maciejko, Marsiglio, Feder, and Sanders. Barclay and Davis will pursue development of new qubits.