Quantum Communication

Challenge: Build on Alberta’s world leadership in quantum communication to develop the future quantum internet by developing key components and commercializing the most mature technologies.
Approach: We will develop practical quantum memories that will enable quantum repeater demonstrations, develop microwave-to-optical quantum transducers to enable long-distance links between future quantum computers, build a ground station for quantum satellite communication that can be connected to the City of Calgary’s urban quantum network, and develop a prototype for measurement-device independent quantum key distribution, which is immune to hacking attacks on the single-photon detectors. Quantum memories and quantum transducers will be developed based on three distinct experimental platforms (rare-earth ions, led by Oblak; cold atoms, led by LeBlanc; optomechanics, led by Barclay) with Simon providing theory support and Davis providing experimental support. The work on the ground station will be led by Oblak with theory support from Sanders and Simon. The work on quantum key distribution will be led by Oblak with support from Zaal.

Work Project Leader:
Christoph Simon

Christoph Simon





Key Researchers: